Umbral Energy Corp. 

acquiring assets, unlocking value.

The Company participates, through identification and strategic alliances, for opportunities to increase shareholder value with focus on growth and cash flow.

  • Acquire assets utilizing the networking capabilities of our principals
  • Taking advantage of opportunities for good assets in under capitalized situations
  • Prudent expenditure of capital in developing moderate-risk projects
  • Increase the significance of the acquired assets and create capital growth
  • Access sources of funding to drive Company growth.

The Company is currently listed as a junior resource issuer having mineral exploration projects.  The Company is considering other activities to increase shareholder value, including non-resource projects.

The Company has a mineral exploration projects in Utah, Nevada and Quebec.  

In addition Umbral has an interest in PhyeinMed, who has applied for a license from Health Canada to legally grow and sell medical marijuana.  The board of Directors has approved the Company’s plan to enter the medical marijuana business and its general plan to diversify its business into other industry sectors outside of the mining resource sector with a view of creating value for shareholders. The Company confirms that the Acquisition is not a Fundamental Change, as defined in Policy 8 of the Canadian Securities Exchange. However, if the Acquisition results in a Fundamental Change, the approval of the Company’s shareholders is required. There can be no assurance that the Acquisition or any other transactions for the Company’s prospective projects in the medical marijuana industry will be successfully completed.

Ability to Explore, Develop, and Operate.

‍‍‍Umbral Energy Corp. is an exploration and development company with a focus on becoming a low cost supplier for the burgeoning energy industry.

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UMBRAL ENERGY samples up to 204 ppm lithium at tule

‍‍‍Valley Lithium Exploration project. Geochemical results of up to 204 PPM Lithium from samples taken on its 100% owned project...

Umbral energy acquires sAN eMIDIO LITHIUM PROPERTy neAR gerlach, nevada

The San Emidio Desert is the name given to the playa extending south from Gerlach.  San Emidio is the southern “tongue” of the largest dry lake bed in North America...

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Umbral Energy Corp. is a resource exploration company, management will continue to review opportunities to increase shareholder value.

Jag Bal, President & CEO

Umbral Energy Corp.

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Update on Medical Marijuana Application

PhyeinMed Inc, is currently in Stage 4, Initiation of security clearance process, in Health Canada’s application of becoming a licensed grower under the Marihuana of Medical Purposes Regulations...

industrial hemp application

Umbral is pleased to announce that in partnership with a hemp based Canadian company is proceeding with an investment to finance the application of an industrial hemp licence.

acmpr application update

Umbral is pleased to announce that PhyeinMed Inc. is in communication with Health Canada and its ACMPR (Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations) application has been assured that the application is progressing through the application process.

cannabis task force report implication

Umbral with its partner, PhyeinMed Inc. (“PhyeinMed”) is encouraged by the recommendations released by the Canadian government's task force report on marijuana legalization and regulation.


UMBRAL with its partner, PhyeinMed Inc. is issuing this press release as a result of a review by the British Columbia Securities Commission. This clarifying news release is intended to provide further disclosure about the Company’s pursuit of opportunities in the medical marijuana business.