The Tule Valley Lithium Exploration Project

Millard/Juab County, Utah, USA

February 17, 2017 – UMBRAL ENERGY CORP. (CSE: UMB) (“Umbral” or “Company”) is pleased to announce that subject to regulatory acceptance, Umbral has entered into an Assignment Agreement with Equitorial Exploration Corp. for them to acquire 100% interest in the Tule Valley project in Utah and the San Emidio Project in Gerlach, NV.

Tule Valley playa is a dry lake bed, mostly covered with a thin layer of wind-blown sand, with several active “evaporite ponds”, where leakage from near-by springs brings water onto the low-lying areas of the playa, thereby producing active evaporation. composed of dried mud/silt/ash, the compacted playa mud is salty (indicating some form of evaporation from either surface or ground waters during the life of the playa), and displays gypsum crystals (calcium sulphate; indicating the introduction of sulphate during the drying/evaporation process, which in turn suggests some form of groundwater influence). Tule Valley playa is a closed valley, has lithium source rocks located several kilometres north of the property, (see May 19, 2016 news release) has active groundwater flow along its western margin, and has been affected by evaporite-style processes. Tule Valley may therefore be conducive to the presence of lithium-bearing groundwater.

In this respect, Tule Valley has similar characteristics to Clayton Valley, Nevada, a dry lake bed where lithium is derived from brines located within more porous sediment layers at depth under playa. The Tule Valley exploration will focus initially on geophysical surveying, particularly IP, to detect conductive layers beneath the playa. Brines are salty, and are therefore strongly conductive. The thicker and strongest conductive zones will subsequently be drill-tested for lithium content

Mineral activity in the area includes;
Redhill Resources’ Honey Comb Beryllium-Rubidium-Lithium-REE project, located 20km north of Tule Valley. Redhill indicates initial surface sampling assays of 1500-1700ppm lithium from a rhyolite dome (September 30, 2011 NI43-101 report).

Materion Corporations’ Spor Mountain beryllium mine is situated 30km to the northeast of Tule Valley.  Both the Honey Comb and Spor Mt projects indicate that the volcanic rocks surrounding Tule Valley are lithium-rich, and may have therefore acted as a source of lithium for local brines.

The Sevier Lake property of Crystal Peak Minerals, 60km to the southeast of Tule Valley, is a brine-sourced potash, lithium and magnesium project.  Crystal Peak’s November 18, 2013 NI43-101 report states that lithium values in post-production brine solution (after potassium-sulphate extraction) ranges from 50 to 200mg/l lithium (0.005%  to 0.020% Li).  Crystal Peak is an evaporite basin similar to Tule Valley.

A combined analysis of geophysical, geochemical and geological data suggests the possibility of anomalous Li/Be/Rb/K values could be located in the brines of the Tule Valley playa
The Tule Valley playa merits further exploration, including geophysics and drilling to evaluate potential for a mass brine deposit.

Qualified Person:
Phil van Angeren, a registered Professional Geologist with APEGA, and a Qualified Person under the provisions of National Instrument 43-101 is the QP on this project.

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The Tule Valley Lithium Exploration

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